Organometallic Catalysis Lab at SKKU

The Shin group is now looking for highly motivated students!

​우리 연구실의 시작과 함께 성장해나갈 열정이 있는 학생들을 모집합니다!

Research Topic

Development and Mechanistic Understanding of

Novel 'Dual-Catalytic' Systems

The main research interest in our research group is to develop novel dual-catalytic systems for challenging chemical transformations. In detail, we focus on the development of dual-transition metal-catalyzed asymmetric hydrofunctionalization of unsaturated hydrocarbons and metallaphotoredox-catalyzed mild C(sp3)-H functionalization. We also eager to understand the reaction mechanism of the developed catalytic methods by capturing and analyzing the reaction intermediates.

Research Key words



The Shin group is looking for highly motivated students (both undergrad and graduate students) with interests in organic synthesis, catalysis design and systematic organometallic study on a catalytic system. Please do not hesitate to contact Kwangmin via e-mail ( if you are interested!

우리 연구실은 연구실의 시작과 함께 성장해 나갈 대학원생 및 학부생을 모집합니다. 우리 연구실에서 학생들은 유기합성, 촉매반응 디자인 및 촉매 시스템에 대한 유기금속화학적 메커니즘 연구에 대해 배우게 될 것입니다. 유기금속화학적 지식을 기반으로 한 새로운 촉매 반응 개발에 열정 및 관심이 있는 대학원생 및 학부생들은 e-mail (을 통해 지원해주시길 바랍니다.

The Shin Group

Orgnometallic Catalysis Laboratory

Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University

Suwon, South Korea 

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